Top Facts About India: India is an incredible country that consists of diversity in every aspect. There are plenty of things that are weird and unique in India. We have seen many beautiful, strange things in our country that sets us apart.

Top Facts About India

India is a country where people from different religions, different mindsets. And also different languages, different attires and many more lives together. There are many facts and many strange things. We can encounter from the history of this beautiful country.

The things that make us different from others. So here I am sharing top facts about India just explore these.

Transportation of First Rocket

The first rocket made by India was transported. Through a bicycle to the Thiruvananthapuram’s Thumba launching station. This lays this fact under the list of some interesting facts about India.

A Post Office that is Floating

Top Facts About India

Indian post office consists of the largest postal network around the world. It’s with more than 155,015 post offices. But the only post office in the world that is floating on a lake. This place is on Dal Lake of Srinagar and introduced in Aug. 2011 and proudly serving around 7,175 people.

Second Largest Country in English Speaking

Top Facts About India

After the USA, India is the second-largest country. Where people make conversation in English. In a survey, it is proved that more than 10% of Indians use English. As their first language which lies under the list of top facts about India.

India is the Largest Producer of Milk and Movies

Top Facts About India

India owns the world in terms of producing movies including mainstream cinema. And regional movies as India produces more than 1600 movies in a year. Also, India is considered the largest producer of milk. And milk products around the world. This would be one of the interesting facts about Indian culture.

The two Wettest Places in the World from India

Mawsynram and Cherrapunji are considered in the list of wettest places in the World. Both places are in the Meghalaya state of India. As Mawsynram has the record for highest average rainfall in the world. And Cherrapunji has the record of the highest rainfall in a single calendar year in 1861.

India is the only country that has the bill for Cows

In article 48 of the Indian Constitution,. It is stated that cows, calves and similar cattle can’t be slighted or sold. It is currently followed by 24 states from 29. This comes under the list of interesting facts about India with pictures.

Highest Cricket Ground of the World

The Chail Cricket Ground that lies under the Chail district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is considered the highest cricket ground in the world with an altitude of around 2,444 meters. It came into existence in 1893 and from. Then it comes under the Chail Military School. This reason lay this under the omg facts about India.

Science Day Celebrated in Switzerland in the Memory of an Indian

The missile man of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once visited Switzerland in 2006 and to honor him Switzerland declared 26th May as Science Day. These would be the best unknown facts about Indian history.

The Country has Largest Vegetarians in the World

India consists of the largest vegetarians in the world as 20 to 40% of Indians are vegetarians. The reason may vary as religious or by choice but this is the fact.

The First Human Calculator

An Indian lady named Shakuntala Devi was honored with this title of the human calculator as she calculated the multiplication of two 13 digit numbers correctly as 7686369774870 x 2465099745779 in just 28 seconds.

These are some major facts about India. There are many apart from these but here I have shared some unique and strangest.

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