Safe sex- a controversial topic that generates endless debates. Many people think that abstinence is the best way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, others believe that it is better to warn people about STIs so they can take precautions. STIs can have serious consequences if not treated properly. Therefore, it is important to understand both safe sex and unsafe sex from a medical perspective.

What is the most common myth?

When it comes to safe sex, most of the facts we hear aren’t true. The truth about STDs and pregnancy, for example, is much different than what you’d expect. The media has been known to omit some important facts (such as condom protection rates) or just plain get them wrong. Now that a new generation is growing up without hearing these myths from their parents or other authority figures, many young people approach this issue with misconceptions about STDs and pregnancy that could make them more likely to get infected. In fact, there’s even some dispute about whether condoms are effective in the first place!

What are sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

STIs are a reality and occur due to the normal sexual behavior of humans. Most STIs are transmitted during sexual activity, either by direct or indirect contact with bodily fluids. Controlling your STI status helps with your personal life by decreasing the number of people you have sex with. This reduces the number of people you have sex with and reduces your chances of contracting an STI. It’s also important to limit the number of sexual partners you have. This ensures you don’t spread any STIs you have to large numbers of people. It’s also a good idea to use condoms when having sex with multiple people. Not only are these useful for your health, but they also help prevent semen from damaging additional partners.

How to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Warnings are used as a tool to protect yourself and loved ones against possible harm. People tend not to engage in unsafe sex when they know someone has been diagnosed with an STI. This makes it easier for you to find love as fewer people are willing to date someone with an STI. It’s also helpful to limit your number of sexual partners and limit how many times you have sex. Having one or two sexual partners a week keeps your status hidden and limits the amount of virus carriers around you. All of these things make it easy for you to avoid contracting an STI.

Prevention is better that cure

All methods of safe sex are effective at preventing the spread of STIs without hurting anyone. You can get rid of viruses, bacteria and other infectious agents using household items such as bleach, dish soap, hand sanitizer and cotton swabs. You can also use dental floss, dental picks, razor blades and face masks when removing male reproductive organs such as the penis or testicles. There’s even safe sex kits that come with everything you need for a comfortable and safe experience!

Healthy Relationships

Safe sex is important in protecting your health and relationships. Everyone should know how to prevent sexually transmitted infections and have protection handy when having sex. Unsafe sex can lead to contracting an STI and ruining your health as well as the lives of those around you. It’s far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your sexual well-being.

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