Microsoft Windows 11: Microsoft is famous for providing user-friendly operating systems. Over the decades as we have seen multiple versions of Windows like most famous Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Now they are going to launch Windows 11 as the newer version of Windows on 5th October 2021.

But they have already revealed all the features. The UI of Windows 11 through beta channels and release preview channels which is accessible for the users after the announcement of Windows 11 on 24th June 2021.

Microsoft Windows 11

They have changed the UI completely. It is looking like it is inspired by many other major OS mostly like MAC OS and Chrome OS. Also, some features which included seems like they have inspired with Smartphone OS like Android and Linux distributions.

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft Windows 11

Here I am going to share some major features of Windows 11 here. Check out them below.

  • In the Windows 11, you will be able to experience all new centred start icons which are looking just amazing. And giving you the feel of using a MAC OS. This is the amazing UI change which is attracting every user of the Windows 11.
  • Now Microsoft has unveiled the much-awaited dark mode feature in its newer version of Windows. Now you can switch between dark and light mode directly from the settings of the OS without any problem.
  • Apart from this, now you will be able to experience all new tile app in the Windows task bar. This will facilitate you to switch between apps just like you can through your smartphone OS or with Chrome OS.
  • Now you will experience drastically change in the speed of operating system from Microsoft. It is a plus point. Microsoft has confirmed that now Windows 11 will be faster and more reliable than Windows 10.
  • Snap Layouts: Well, you might have experienced this feature in multiple OS. Especially if you are using Linux distributions but now you will be able to use this in this version of Windows. Now you can use multiple displays and switching will be easier.

More Points :

  • The widgets part in the Windows always seems underrated. Because many people don’t feel to use these widgets. But now, they have managed to provide all new widgets which will be helpful for the users. This new operating system from the Microsoft will be completely AI (Artificial Intelligence) supported. In this, you will be able to see news, feed and updates from weather etc.
  • Now, Microsoft is going to provide an app for the meeting. You don’t need to download the app as it is in-build in this version of Windows. Now through the team app you will be able to chat and can-do video call amazingly.
  • Windows 11 now providing new features and will be more user friendly. Now you will be able to use pan and touch more efficiently.
  • Now Microsoft is facilitating you with Auto HDR feature. Through this, you will be able to experience more sharper and clear display. No matter you are watching a movie or plating a game your experience will be enhanced for sure.
  • Now in this version of Windows you will be able to type through voice just like smartphone OS. Another feature they have adopted from the smartphone OS. Now you will be able to customize your keyboard as per your convenience.
  • Another important feature which will be live in upcoming version of this Operating System. Not now is you will be able to install and use your android apps on your system. These apps will be downloaded through Windows Store.

Windows 11 System Requirement

Apart from the features, Microsoft has taken a big step. It excluded most of the major variants of PCs and laptops to use its newer version of Windows. Like you should have minimum below specification if you want to taste Windows 11.

Microsoft Windows 11

Also, Microsoft has revealed that you don’t need to buy Windows 11 separately as if you have Windows 10 in your PC or laptop and if you meet the minimum requirements for the operating system then you will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Now the fingers are crossed and let the Windows unveil to know the experience of using this version of Windows from Microsoft.

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