Paralympic Games Tokyo/Life Stories of Medal Winners: In India, sports is a passion, a matter of pride and a matter of emotions for the citizens. But when we talk about the Olympic Games, we all know that we can’t imagine a medal in the past but the time is changing. Now the good news is that our government is investing in talents and they are performing well either we talk about Olympic Games and now in Paralympic Games. Our athletes are grabbing the medals in different categories and making us proud day by day.

The Olympic Games are over and the Paralympic Games are running in the Japanese city Tokyo. The event was held between 24th August 2021 and 5th September 2021 and Indian players have grabbed 19 medals in a total of which 5 are Gold medals, 8 Silver Medals and 6 Bronze Medals in different categories.

The complete list of Medals Indian players won till now are as follows.

S. No. Name of the Player Medal Won Sports Name
1 Sumit Antil Gold Men’s javelin throw F64
2 Avani Lekhara Gold Women’s 10m air rifle standing SH1
3 Avani Lekhara Bronze Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions SH1
4 Devendra Jhajharia Silver Men’s javelin throw F46
5 Yogesh Kathuniya Silver Men’s discus throw F56
6 Nishad Kumar Silver Men’s high jump T47
7 Bhavinaben Patel Silver Women’s singles class 4 Table Tennis
8 Sundar Singh Gurjar Bronze Men’s javelin throw F46
9 Singhraj Adhana Bronze Men’s 10m Air Pistol (SH1)
10 Sharad Kumar Bronze Men’s High Jump T63
11 Mariyappan Thangavelu Silver Men’s High Jump T63
12 Praveen Kumar Silver Men’s High Jump T64
13 Manish Narwal Gold Mixed 50m pistol SH1 – Shooting
14 Pramod Bhagat Gold Badminton Men’s Singles SL3
15 Krishna Nagar Gold Badminton Men’s Singles SH6
16 Suhas Yathiraj Silver Badminton Men’s Singles SL4
17 Singhraj Adhana Silver P4 Mixed 50m pistol SH1 – Shooting
18 Harvinder Singh Bronze Archery Men’s Individual Recurve
19 Manoj Sarkar Bronze Badminton Men’s Singles SL3

The Paralympic Games have been over and we have won 19 medals in our bucket. Now, start knowing about these players who are representing India at the world level.

Sumit Antil

Paralympic Games Tokyo

Birth: July 6, 1998

Birth Place: Khewda, Sonipat, Haryana

Class of Disability: T64

Came from a Jat family of Haryana, Sumit is an amazing javelin thrower who participated in multiple national events in the past and now he has grabbed the gold medal in Paralympic Games. He got the disability in 2015 when he met an accident while riding a bike but he pursued his passion and now made everyone proud.

Avani Lekhara

Paralympic Games Tokyo

Birth: November 8, 2001

Birth Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Coach Name: Suma Siddharth Shirur

Avani was born in the pink city and was living a great life with her parents but in the year 2012, she met with a car accident and got complete paraplegia. But she never gave up and along with the motivation of her father she chose the career in sports. Currently, she is completing her education in law along with her sports career.

Devendra Jhajharia

Birth: June 10, 1981

Birth Place: Churu, Rajasthan

Coach Name: Sunil Tanwar

Devendra is a true fighter as he came from a small district of Rajasthan as well as he got the disability because he touched an electric wire while climbing up a tree when he was just 8 years old. But he pursued his passion for sports and till now he has won multiple medals in different games.

Yogesh Kathuniya

Birth: March 3, 1997

Birth Place: Delhi, India

Class of Disability: F56

He is the son of Indian Army soldier Gyanchand Kathuniya and housewife Meena Devi. He got a fighting spirit from his father. When he was just 9 years old he suffered from Uillain-Barre syndrome but his mother never gave up and learnt physiotherapy and due to her hard work Yogesh regained muscle strength in 3 years. Later on, he pursued a career in sports and now he is creating his name at the international level.

Nishad Kumar

Birth: October 3, 1999

Birth Place: Una, Himachal Pradesh

Class of Disability: T47

Nishad came from a small town of Himachal Pradesh and also he got a disability when he was 8 years old due to an accident but he fought hard and grabbed the medal in Paralympic Games, 2020.

Bhavinaben Patel

Birth: November 6, 1986

Birth Place: Sundhiya, Mehsana, Gujarat

Coach Name: Nikul Patel

Bhavina Patel or Bhavinaben Patel or Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel comes from a small village in Gujarat. But she proved that determination and hard work pay you whatever you want and she grabbed a silver medal in Paralympic Games, Tokyo by playing table tennis in her wheelchair.

Sundar Singh Gurjar

Birth: January 1, 1996

Birth Place: Karauli, Rajasthan

Coach Name: Mahavir Prasad Saini

He is a true fighter as he lies from a small town of Rajasthan and now representing India at the international level. He won the Bronze medal in Men’s javelin throw F46 category.

Singhraj Adhana

Birth: January 26, 1982

Birth Place: Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Singhraj consists of a very interesting life story as you will be surprised to know that he started his shooting career at the age of 35. He comes from a lower-income family and he stated to PM Narendra Modi that “Shooting is an expensive sport, and it was not easy pursuing it. My wife sold her jewellery to support my shooting dream.”

Sharad Kumar

Birth: March 1, 1992

Birth Place: Patna, Bihar

Class of Disability: T42

Sharad lies from the capital city of Bihar, Patna and he proved himself multiple times as he has won medals in multiple events for India. He got paralyzed when he was just 2 years old after getting medicine for spurious polio at the local eradication drive but he never gave up and chose sports as a career and now he is making Indians proud.

Mariyappan Thangavelu

Birth: June 28, 1995

Birth Place: Periavadagampatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu

He fought and he conquered. Mariyappan lies from a small village of Tamil Nadu and hails from a family of six children and a single mother as his father abandoned his family when he was a toddler. Later on, when he was 5, he met with a bus accident. The bus driver crashed his leg below the knee when he was coming from school. But he fought and today he is representing India at the international level.

Praveen Kumar

Birth: May 15, 2003

Birth Place: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Class of Disability: T64

Praveen is a trained para athlete who suffered from the congenital impairment which is a medical condition that affects a person’s bones which connects the left leg and hips. But his determination brought him a silver medal in the Paralympic Games, Tokyo.

Manish Narwal

Birth: October 17, 2001

Birth Place: Faridabad, Haryana

Manish is a paralympic athlete who represented India in the Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020 and won the Gold Medal in the Mixed 50m pistol SH1 – Shooting category. He is also the Arjuna Award winner 2020.

Pramod Bhagat

Birth: June 4, 1988

Birth Place: Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar

Coach Name: Shiba Prasad Das

He hails from a big family of small town in Bihar and got the disability due to the defect in his left leg. But he never looked back and his determination towards sports made the Indians proud at the International stage. He has won many medals previously and his journey still continues.

Krishna Nagar

Birth: January 12, 1999

Birth Place: Rajasthan

Coach Name: Gaurav Khanna

Krishna is a paralympic athlete from Rajasthan state who plays the Badminton sports and now he has won the Gold medal in this sport in the Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

Suhas Yathiraj

Birth: July 2, 1983

Birth Place: Hassan, Karnataka

Coach Name: Self

Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj is a paralympic player from the Karnataka state who represented India in Badminton in the recent Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020 and won the Silver medal for India.

Harvinder Singh

Birth: February 25, 1991

Birth Place: Ajitnagar, Kaithal, Haryana

He is an achiever and got the medal in archery for India in the Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020. He hails from a very modest family of Haryana and got the disability due to adverse effects of medicine he got for treating dengue fever.

Manoj Sarkar

Birth: January 12, 1990

Birth Place: Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Coach Name: Gaurav Khanna

Manoj got the disability of PPRP Lower Limb condition when he was just one year old but he never looked back and worked hard to master the game. Now, he has won the medal for India in the Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

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